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Pre-Flight Links

Special Student version

Don't leave for the airport before reviewing this information.  Many pilots have their favorite sources where they get the same information.  This list might point out some key information you have not been including in your preflight.  Suggestions are always welcome for this page.  Just email the webmaster.



Is weather legal to fly, safe to fly, at home and destination?

Airspace Hazards and Restrictions. 

Notices change ALL the time so yesterday's information is very obsolete.  Even TFR's happen at or near Florence and you NEVER want to bust a TFR. 

  • NOTAMS on Line - FAA. Enter your flight path or do a 20 mi. radius search of KFLO for local flights.

  • Notam Contractions - FAA.   (as of June-2015).  Helps you interpret NOTAM codes

  • TFR's - CurrentONLY Skip this step is you have a strong desire to be intercepted by an F16 Fighter Aircraft!!

  • MOA Current Status.  MOA's are only 10 minutes from the practice area.  Know your neighbors.  Be sure to check the boxes for "Military Operations Area" and "Special Use Airspace" before zooming in to South Carolina.


Is the Plane Safe to fly?

If you have tanks at full capacity, you probably have a 3 seat airplane at best.  Maybe only a 2 seat airplane depending on the weights of the front passengers and fuel on board!  Adjust fuel as needed to stay within the allowed weight limits. 

Topping off the tanks before flying may be very unsafe if that action takes the plane over weight limits. Long range tanks have their drawbacks, too. 

  • Weight & Balance.  Use the POH for an accurate computation.  Also lots of good W&B apps for smart phones and tablets.  However you check your W&B, just be sure to do it.  In our documents area we have updated W&B base numbers as of June 2016.  Just print a copy for your own use


Am I safe to fly?


File a Flight Plan

Don't forget to request flight following from the plane, too.  FAA controllers will be talking about you when you are in the air, but they'd rather be talking to you.  The Windsock rental agreement requires a flight plan or Flight Following to be requested for flights more than 50 nm.


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