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We stock most products normally needed by a new student pilot except electronic items.  Most of our merchandise is available in the display case at the KFLO FBO including current local charts, FAR/AIM, and assorted books for personal growth as a pilot.  Our merchandise can be purchased over the counter by anyone in the flying community.  Pricing can change depending on our cost so ask at the FBO for the current price.


Basic Pilot Supplies  ( Click for Books & Charts )

Gleim Flight Computer

Gleim's standard E6B-type computer, made of durable fiberboard, includes all of the standard E6-B functions plus a crosswind component reference, flight plan sequence checklist, and special equipment suffixes.



Pilot Log Book
  • Pages to list certificates, ratings, and operating privileges
  • Up to 450 flight entries
  • Complete endorsement section covering all endorsements required for student through CFII training ground instruction
  • Separate table of contents with numbered pages for quick reference
  • Larger than a typical student log but not as bulky, fragile, or heavy as a "professional" flight log
  • High quality paper and hard-cover binding



Fixed Plotter

Constructed of sturdy clear plastic with easy-to-read numbers and scales. It includes WAC, Sectional, and Terminal Area scales, and is checked and approved by the Weights and Measures Department. Quick scale reference is provided for both statute and nautical miles. Made in Korea.



Other Pilot Products usually in our display case    ( Click for Basic Supplies )



Airport Facility Directory / SE

Flight Instructor Flight Maneuvers and Practical Test Prep

Flight Instructor Flight
Maneuvers and Practical Test

Airplane Flying Handbook

FAA NACO VFR Sectional Charts

Sectional Chart / Charlotte



IFR Low Altitude
Enroute 23/24



FAR/AIM 2014 from ASA

Instrument Flying Handbook

Private Pilot Practical Test
Standards / ASA

Commercial Practical
Test Standards / ASA


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